Welcome to Tomas Kitchen Living, a fabulous British kitchen brand with Design Studios in LONDONSt ALBANS and CAMBRIDGE – where each kitchen is beautifully made at the dedicated PRODUCTION CENTRE.

The look is CLASSIC MODERN… think Modern, yet not overly modern.

The timeless style, tactile design features, original colours, oak drawers, ply cabinets all combine to create something special… something you’re going to love.

Call in during normal opening hours, or better still call ahead to arrange a time when you can discuss your requirements with founder and head designer Tomas Hinton.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy viewing our Kitchen Collection online.

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Classic  Kitchens with a Modern Twist from Tomas Kitchen Living

Kitchen Collection

It’s simple to decide which model suits you best, first decide if you’re going with handles or handle-less. The handle-less models are called SHEER and they come with either wood trims (naturalSHEER) or metallic trims (originalSHEER). If you’re interested in handles, check out the SCOOP and SKATE models. Both of which are have their own unique characteristics. Behind closed doors all the models share the same top notch specification, solid oak drawers, plywood carcasses and our gorgeous Abstract Five Colours. If you can’t decide, don’t worry there’s plenty of time and the same layouts usually work with all the models.

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