At last, it is possible to visit a Tomas Design Studio to see first-hand the quality and distinctive style that make our fabulous kitchens stand out from the crowd!

We have decided that visits and meetings will, from now on, be by appointment, so please do not hesitate to get in contact to make arrangements. 

Whether you just want to call in for a quick initial look or arrange a full design session, simply email or call direct on 0800 023 6471.

We look forward to (actually) meeting you soon!



My name is Tomas Hinton and I am delighted to welcome you to Tomas Kitchen Living.

We are a British kitchen and furniture brand with a strong design identity, superb quality and a reasonable price tag! The cabinets, the styling, the colours and the quality all combine to make something very special - something I’m sure you’re going to love.

There are beautiful showrooms in LONDONSt ALBANS and CAMBRIDGE, where each kitchen and furniture piece is hand-built to order. 

Over the past ten or eleven years, the Tomas name has become synonymous with the ‘Classic Modern’ style. It’s an understated and timeless look, that is best described as ‘modern, yet not overly modern’. Beautiful, functional and lovely to live, the handle-less naturalSHEER model sits at the centre of our collection.

The distinctive Tomas look can also be tweaked, so if you're looking for that pared-back ultra modern check out 'minimalSHEER' or indeed decoCHEER for a s more vintage vibe.

These kitchens not only look great - they actually are great! The quality and beauty of this highly individual product is more than just skin deep. Behind closed doors, you’ll be delighted to discover beautiful solid oak drawers and sturdy plywood cabinets.

As a complete kitchen company, everything is covered under one roof. From initial design conception, through to manufacturing and installation, the service is first class and friendly. 

In addition to the kitchens, we have our created our own extensive collection of Tomas freestanding FURNITURE & TABLES and we are also specialist retailers for some of the top DANISH FURNITURE & LIGHTING brands.

Thank you for visiting the website, I hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to personally welcoming you to one of our studios soon.


Tomas Hinton 



THIS IS TOMAS... click here to watch our little film :-) 





Kitchen Collection

CABINET MODELS AND STYLING DETAILS There are three 'cabinet models' and three sets of 'styling details' The three cabinet models are: 1. SHEER (handle-less) 2. SCOOP (scoop-out behind handle) 3. SKATE (inset flush handle) The three 'styling details' are: 1. natural (classic modern) 2. minimal (cubic minimalism) 3. deco (vintage) Simply pick a cabinet model, then add a 'styling detail' For example, the handle-less SHEER cabinet model, with ‘natural’ styling becomes ‘naturalSHEER’ - which happens to be the archetypal Tomas kitchen! All the cabinet models have their own unique characteristics and behind closed doors all the models share the same top notch specification, solid oak drawers, plywood carcasses and our gorgeous Abstract Five Colours. If you can’t decide, don’t worry there’s plenty of time and the same layouts usually work with all the models. Take a scroll though the world of Tomas via the drop down menus, to discover more about each style and model in the collection..

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