CASE by Tomas

Welcome to our solid oak cabinet collection ‘CASE’ !

This is a system of dove-tailed solid oak box shelves, designed to be free standing or built into a fitted kitchen arrangement. Each piece is derived from a series of standardised cube forms, each measuring 358mm x 358mm (internally).

From this start point we build to a maximum size of 4x4 cubes. Each CASE is named after its number of cubes. The height goes before the width, so below we have a ‘4x2’, above right is a ‘2x3’ and the built in one to the right is a 2x2. Simple as that!

They can be either stand-alone or part of a fitted kitchen arrangement, they are of Solid Oak construction with oak turned legs and Abstract Five Colours are used for the door and drawer fronts. 


Once the size is determined, you will be able to choose from a range of optional inserts and (if required) where to position handle-less SHEER doors.

1. BOTTLE X stores up to 12 bottles and can be re-positioned in any of the 358 cubes

2. PAPERTIDY (right) can stand or lie down - perfect for magazines and papers.

3. TINY TABLE (below) horizontally divides the 358 aperture into two sections

The tricky bit comes when you have to choose which of the Abstract Five Colours to have on the doors...


sideCASE 1
This wonderfiul piece is defined by its simple clean lines and internal drawers arrangements. Available in several widths, sideCASE works well in kitchen dining spaces and migrates very well into the lounge and even bedrooms.

sideCASE 2
This model is all about deep and luxurious handless drawers. Available in a wide range of widths, both sideCASE 1 and 2 come in oak or walnut with your choice of Abstract Five Colour.

At only 180mm deep (front to back), the cdCASE can go where other pieces simply won’t fit. It’s perfect for those wishing to proudly display a CD collection (there are even doors at the bottom for those titles we’re not so proud of)! Naturally the cdCASE can be used for other suitably sized items, such as paperbacks and glassware.

The tvCASE is designed to live beneath a flat screen TV (either on a stand or wall mounted). The slots above the doors are ideal for a DVD players, digital box etc. If you have a spare box the slots are perfect for out-sized books or board games.

Pictured here with illuminated Olympia Shelves, the teaCASE is perfect for tea caddies, cups, coffee and more. It’s natural habitat is by a window, in close proximity to the kitchen sink.

With its distinctive grooves for resting bottles in place, this 600 wide bottleCASE is neatly built in under the countertop on the seating side of a peninsular (above right). As with the rest of the CASE family, the bottleCASE can also be deployed as a ‘stand alone’ piece and comes in various widths.

bedsideCASE 1 
Featuring an angled cutaway drawer and extenfed legs for a 'floaty' feeling...

bedsideCASE 2
Features a fuller cabinet and 110mm oak turned legs. Both bedsideCASE models are available at 300, 450 and 600 wide as standard - and any other width on request.

Meet the quirky side of the CASE family... These wonderful ‘Mondrianesque’ creatures provide hidden storage and open shelving. Brilliant for books and media, with some great places for ornamental displays.

Most vertical sections are melamine faced birch ply with a choice of trim:

1. Exposed Ply (no trim)
2. Pure Oak Double D Trim
3. Blackened Oak Double D Trim

All horizontal sections are in Solid Pure Oak. Beautiful ‘dovetail’ joints are featured where appropriate.

These are our four standard models, beyond this we can bespoke a GEO CASE to suit your own requirements.


Please contact us to discuss your individual 'CASE' requirements in more and/or arrange a meeting either at one of our showrooms or your home.