Kitchen Colours and Finishes


The Abstract Five Colours get their unusual name in a rather interesting way, as Tomas explains:

“The story begins with my father and grandfather who were both painters. Their beautiful abstract oil paintings have hung on the walls of my home for as long as I can remember. They have always provided colour, warmth and inspiration.”

Five of these paintings were selected to create a palette of original colours for the collection.

It’s an interesting way to create colour and a lovely story to tell, but best of all the colours are truly beautiful. Earthy, complex and original.


In addition to our Abstract Five Colours it is also possible to specify your own colours. Simply let us have a swatch or a reference number and we'll take it from there.


Kitchens with wood finishes are another option, either mixed in with coloured doors or entirely from wood.  Shown here are examples of different natural wood finishes for your 'Tomas Style'. 


The plinth (kick-board) and the rail (above the door on SHEER kitchens) are collectively referred to as the Trims.

Start with the door colours and then consider what trim finish will complete the look for your Tomas kitchen.

As with the printed colour samples, please refer to real samples of the actual thing.