SHEER is name of the handle-less 'cabinet' model designed by Tomas in 2008.

It is based around a simple forty-five degree chamfer, which is seen as a visible angle on the tops of the lowered doors. The angle recurs on the undersides of drawer fronts, wall elements and (more often than not) the counter-top edge profile. The tried and tested SHEER design is lovely to live with, works very well and looks simply beautiful!

Between the top of the base element doors and the underside of the counter-top, a continuous rail is positioned. The rail can be specified in various wood and metallic finishes and is matched to the plinths (kick-board). Collectively, the plinths and rails are referred to as the ‘Trims’.

Choose colours and trims for your SHEER cabinets and then select one of the three main 'STYLING DETAILS'  ... natural, minimal or deco.

naturalSHEER - Classic Modern

minimalSHEER - Ultra Modern

decoSHEER - Vintage Chic