Choosing Kitchen Hardware

01 March 2019

When planning a new kitchen, there are endless details to consider. Choosing every design element with purpose is vital when creating a beautiful kitchen. Typically the biggest handles in a kitchen are typically the countertops and cabinets, but there are many more elements that add that all important finishing touch, including your kitchen hardware. Cabinet handles, drawer handles and knobs are part of that important final touch.


There are many different choices when it comes to your kitchen hardware, and whatever you choose can make a real statement, or it can fit in seamlessly with your kitchen design, almost as if they’re not even there, melding in with the whole design cohesively. Here, we’ll walk you through how to select your kitchen hardware.

 Think About Function

While your kitchen hardware can certainly be beautiful, the main importance is placed upon the functionality. You want hardware that is easy to grasp and pull so that you can access drawers and cupboards without any difficulty. You might be tempted by an ornate knob or pull that makes a real statement, but it’s important to check whether or not the shape and style means that it is functional.

In many cases, though, beauty and functionality can be equally combined. If you shop around, you can certainly find the kitchen hardware that combines the look you are going for as well as the functionality you need. What you also need to consider is what style has the best function for you. Do you prefer a knob or a pull? Which feels most natural for you and your family? There are many different styles of each, though, so you shouldn’t worry about feeling limited in your decision.

 Consider Your Style

The style you are trying to achieve in your kitchen is going to play a big part in determining which hardware you will choose. Both handles and knobs come in a variety of styles, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re hoping to achieve a rustic, modern or traditional kitchen (or anything in between) because you’ll be able to find the hardware you’re looking for.  

Streamline handles can work very well in a modern kitchen, while traditional knobs work well in a country style kitchen. That being said, knobs come in a variety of styles, meaning that you’ll have no trouble finding minimalistic and simple ones that will work just as well in a modern kitchen. Similarly, handles are available with various adornments and styling meaning they can be incorporated in just about any kitchen. There really are no rules for which type of hardware matches a kitchen style, it really comes down to choosing the individual piece of hardware you feel will work best.

You’ll also want to think about finish and material. Kitchen hardware is available in many different finishes, some more finished than others. It really comes down to your style preference here, and again, what will work best with the rest of your kitchen style. Metal is the most common material for knobs and handles, but this can mean brass, pewter, stainless steel or bronze.

Other popular materials include stone, like marble, as well as crystal. It’s important to think about your kitchen’s overall feel and even try some samples before you make the final decision on your kitchen hardware.

If you’re planning a new kitchen, make sure to get in touch with us. We have a great deal experience of bringing our customers’ dream kitchens to life and would love to assist you.



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