Improve Your Property's Value with a New Kitchen

08 May 2019

One of the biggest renovation costs in any home is installing a new kitchen and this can be a daunting prospect for many homeowners. Because of the costs involved, it is often one of the last things that people do in their home but it is definitely something you should consider. However, a new kitchen can actually transform your home and really make a difference to your everyday life. Not only can a kitchen transform your living space but it can also add a lot of value to your property too. We have put together a guide on why you should consider a new kitchen and how it could improve your property’s value.

How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen then one of the most off-putting aspects is how much it's going to cost. Kitchen remodelling can be expensive but there are ways that you can bring down these costs and keep it within budget. You can expect to pay an average of around £10,000 for a basic kitchen to remodel but this often doesn’t include any appliances or extras. Much like many things, the cost can vary massively and you can even end up spending upwards of £30,000 on a new kitchen. It also depends on whether you are changing things like the flooring in the kitchen too so it is important to budget when it comes to a new kitchen.

Budgeting for a New Kitchen

One of the first things that you should do when thinking about a new kitchen is to put together a detailed budget. But this can be a confusing process and many people are unsure exactly how much they should budget for a new kitchen. We have put together some tips that should help you to accurately budget for a new kitchen.

  • Focus Spend: you should make sure that you focus your spend on the most important factors such as units and appliances so you don’t have to replace them again
  • Be Sensible: don’t go over the top with the highest end finishes if you have a small home, as you might not be able to recover all of these costs
  • Save Budget: you should always make sure you save around 10% of your total budget to pay for unexpected costs should they arise

How Will A New Kitchen Affect My Property Value?

A major aspect that people often forget when it comes to selling your home is that a dated kitchen can actually put people off. This means that you are less likely to achieve the full market value for your property and attract buyers. But this isn’t the only reason for installing a new kitchen, as it can actually add a lot of value to your property too. It is very common to see a return on investment in your kitchen and this can vary largely depending on the size of your property and how much you spend. However, you can often expect an ROI of around 80% when renovating your kitchen so it’s good to know you will get a large amount of the money you spend back. If you are careful with the budget then you can even get more value than you’ve spent.

Kitchen Design

If you are thinking about a new kitchen then it can be a massive help to have professional kitchen designers to help with the layout and look of your kitchen. Designing this yourself can lead to errors and leaving things out that you haven’t thought about. It is always a good idea to see a design specialist. Get in touch with Tomas Kitchen Living if you have any questions about return on investment and a new kitchen.

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