Kitchen Design Trends that Transform Your Space

30 May 2017

The kitchen is a room where we spend a lot of time and for many people, it is the first space that we look to refurbish. It can also be the most valuable room in your home with a good quality kitchen adding to the overall value. Therefore, kitchen design is important so that you have a space where you can not only cook but also enjoy socialising with family and friends. If you are looking for inspiration when designing your kitchen then take a look at some of the top kitchen design trends that transform your space.

Handle-less Units

One of the biggest design trends in modern kitchens is the use of handle-less doors on units to give your space a more linear look. This gives a much cleaner look to your kitchen space and provides a simple style that is still modern. These cabinets will often be styled with a gloss finish which further emphasises the linear style. Tomas Kitchen Living provides a range of handle-less kitchen units that are designed to meet your needs. Check out our range of SHEER kitchens that come with either wood or metallic trim and can provide the perfect modern look in your kitchen.

Storage Solutions

Another top design trend that can help to transform your kitchen space is using high-quality storage solutions. It is important to have good storage solutions in your kitchen so that you can make the most of the space. Many kitchen designers incorporate storage solutions into their plans to make sure you can store everything you need in your kitchen. This includes storage for all of your food items and kitchen appliances should you wish to put them away and keep your surfaces clear. Whether you want built-in kitchen storage or you would rather make use of a free standing unit, our bespoke CASE range is perfect for all of your needs.


Worktops have always been an important feature in the kitchen as they are instantly noticeable when you walk into the room. A big design trend for modern kitchens is the use of Quartz worktops, as opposed to using laminate worktops in the kitchen. This is largely due to the fact that the material is good quality and value compared to other worktop materials. Quartz has traditionally been a somewhat expensive material for worktops, but new composite surfaces mean natural stone has become a good choice. This is an improvement that can massively impact the grandeur of the room with a small financial cost.

Colour Trends

One of the biggest colour trends in kitchens this year is going for a monochrome design with simple colour schemes. Colours such as grey, black and white tones are being reflected in the kitchen to create a more classic and timeless feel. Whether this colour scheme is followed throughout the entire kitchen space and even to the kitchen utensils, it is a big design trend that is expected to grow this year. However, many people also still want their kitchen colour scheme to include bright and vibrant colours. We provide a range of different kitchen designs and include a whole range of classic colour schemes.

These are some of the biggest kitchen design trends that can transform your space and help you fall in love with your kitchen again. You can make some of these changes in your kitchen fairly inexpensively and really make a difference in the room. If you are looking for a bigger change in your kitchen then make sure you get in touch with Tomas Kitchen Living to see how we can help with the design of your kitchen.

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