Kitchen Design Trends

13 July 2017

Anyone who is in the process of buying a good quality kitchen won’t need to be told that it’s a ‘big ticket’ item! It’s not the kind of thing you’ll be buying every month, or every year. A good kitchen will be designed for long term use, so ten years or more can easily slip by before you’ll be thinking about changing the kitchen.

With this in mind, it makes total sense to avoid following ‘this year’s trends’ too closely. It’s very possible, that today’s ‘must have’ shade of green on the kitchen could be tomorrow’s equivalent to an avocado bathroom suite…

Start with quality – it never goes out of style, so buy the best you can afford. A few years down the line a ‘low-cost kitchen’ may not seem like such a bargain after all. Conversely, it’s unlikely that you’ll regret the extra outlay for something that is well-made.

Think ‘time-less’ – if you’re not going down the traditional country kitchen path, go for clean simple lines for an architectural feel. Avoid contrived forms that confuse the eye and could become an irritation over time. Accents of natural wood are always appealing and choose colours that you love and have always loved (not colours that you are told to love)!

Once you and your designer have established a strong foundation for the physical aspect of the kitchen, you can begin to build the room style. This way, should you wish, you can follow trends as they come and go - without a wasteful and expensive re-fit.

There are several great trends around at the moment, one of the most appealing is the idea of fusing the old with the new and creating a really interesting and eclectic vibe. Anything goes, so throw away the rule book! Choose pieces that you love, re-introduce a family heirloom or a picture that tells a story. To avoid things getting to busy, avoid too many colours and choose greys, black or soft whites as a back drop.

Most importantly of all don’t rush it if you don’t have to. Get the kitchen up and running and then enjoy adding those ‘changeable’ touches.

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