Kitchen Lighting Trends

01 February 2019

There are many vital design elements of a new kitchen. When planning it’s common to put a great deal of thought into every decision you make, including flooring, cabinetry, worktops, fixtures, hardware and more. The often unsung hero of a beautiful kitchen is the lighting. Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen not only provides a bright space where you can carry out your tasks easily, but lighting can also showcase the other design elements of the kitchen, such as reflective surfaces. If you’re struggling to decide on the right kitchen lighting options, we’ve put together a guide to Kitchen Lighting Trends to help you choose.

Recessed Lighting
This discrete lighting trend has been popular for many years and remains one of the most common choices for people renovating their kitchen. Recessed lighting, or canned lighting, offers a spotlight effect, typically making use of several different lights in every room. Because recessed lighting is so discrete, it works with many different kitchen styles, whether you lean more towards the modern or traditional side. This makes recessed lighting one of the top kitchen lighting trends.

If you’re thinking that recessed lighting might be the right option for your kitchen lighting, there are a few things to bear in mind. If not utilised correctly, recessed lighting can have a stark or cold feel. Angling the lights towards the walls and cabinets, rather than straight down, creates a very warm, illuminating effect. You can also choose warmer coloured lights to lessen the feel of overly bright, cold lights.

Pendant Lighting
For many, the ultimate kitchen dream is a large island illuminated beneath a few statement pendant lights. The beauty of pendant lighting is that there are so many styles and options available, meaning that they will work with just about any style kitchen. Clear glass pendants, rustic metal pendants, bold coloured enabled pendants and coloured glass are just a few styles worth mentioning.

Pendant lighting can be chosen to blend in seamlessly with your design scheme, or you can opt for statement pieces that really draw in the eye or set the bar for the kitchen. Pendants are not just a striking design choice, but they are also practical - placing them over an island provides extra light when preparing food.

Bold Colours & Textures
Another kitchen lighting trend well worth mentioning is the use of bold colours and textures when choosing your fixtures. We already mentioned that boldly coloured pendant lighting makes a brilliant statement, but there are many other ways you can incorporate colour and texture into your kitchen design with your light fixtures. Introducing textural elements like metals or woods in your lighting fixtures adds depth to your kitchen design and adds unique flair to the room.

Fixtures that work brilliantly for introducing colour and texture to your kitchen include spotlights, sconces flush mounts or chandeliers.

Functional Lighting
While it helps if your lighting is aesthetically pleasing, the main thing to consider is whether or not it is also functional. While it’s fantastic to have stylish lighting that shows off the various design elements and details of your kitchen, what purpose does it really serve if it doesn’t help you perform tasks like cooking, washing up and cleaning?

Ensuring that your kitchen has functional lighting can be achieved in a few ways. You can only opt for functional fixtures and lighting schemes when selecting your lighting, or you can mix statement lighting for visual appeal alongside functional lights that allow you to carry out necessary tasks safely. Task lighting, such as under cabinet lighting, hob hood lights and LED strips that can be placed beneath cabinets above the floor are all excellent and stylish ways to introduce task lighting.

Multiple Sources of Light
Combining beautiful and functional light sources brings us to our next kitchen lighting trend. Having multiple sources of kitchen lighting allows you to set different moods and perform different tasks. For example, combining recessed lighting, pendants and task lighting gives you many different options. For an intimate and quiet evening at home, just pendants and task lighting will provide enough light. However, when chopping vegetables and cooking on the hob, you may want to opt for your recessed and task lighting so that you can clearly see what you are doing.

If you’re entertaining, you have multiple options for setting the mood. For a cheerful atmosphere, you could have your recessed lights and pendant lights on to set the mood.

Create Drama
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your kitchen lighting scheme. Take advantage of the design features of your kitchen to introduce some drama. If you have high, vaulted ceilings, track spotlights are a fantastic way to highlight vaults and beams. Or if you have low ceilings, low hanging pendants or even a formal chandelier can add a great deal of theatricality.

Choosing a real statement piece to create drama in your kitchen creates a focal point and is always a great conversation starter. There are many fantastic kitchen lighting trends to choose from or combine. If you need help designing your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to help.

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