Kitchen Trend Watch: Eco Kitchens

16 August 2018

With events like Blue Planet sending the world into shock, is it any surprise that environmentally friendly kitchens are rising in popularity? Indeed, searches for ‘eco-kitchens’ on Pinterest have increased by 164%.  From using energy saving equipment to environmentally friendly materials, it has never been easier to make your kitchen kinder to the planet. Today, we at Tomas Kitchen have put together some of our favourite ways to go about introducing more environmentally friendly aspects to your kitchen when you next redesign it.



One of the main things to consider when designing an eco-friendly kitchen is the materials you will use. Aim to use supplies that are made from recycled materials, are from sustainable sources or, at the very least, can be recycled when you replace them. Try to also find something that is hardwearing, so you won’t have to replace it as often. Such materials can include the following:

  • Plywood
  • MFC or MDF if they include recycled materials
  • Stainless steel (often made from recycled materials)
  • Cork

When using wooden materials, look for a certification such as FSC, which guarantees that the wood has come from a sustainable source, so you won’t be contributing to deforestation.


Another material to buy consciously is paint. Paint can contain harmful toxins and chemicals, so look for ones that are low in VOC. An example of such paint is that produced by Earth Friendly Supplies which is made from recycled, left over paint.


There are many companies that provide green countertops. These may include the materials we mentioned earlier or broken-down recycled materials. Such countertops are widely available, but some of our favourites are:


You can even get environmentally friendly flooring. Linoleum made from linseed oil or pine resin are great options. Cork is an equally great alternative to traditional flooring and is a fab insulator, however it can get damaged quite easily.



Of course, the eco-friendly solutions which provide the most obvious results are energy saving products. From dishwashers to taps, new innovations to save energy are appearing all the time. A simple way to save energy is to invest in energy saving lightbulbs when your old ones stop working. Of course, it isn’t just fixtures and fittings you can replace. When each kitchen appliance dies it is worth researching more environmentally friendly options. For instance, when looking for a new dishwasher, look for an energy star rating as this tells you it uses less water and energy.  Another good indicator is its energy efficiency rating. Ideally, you should buy appliances rated A or above. Such appliances are also cost effective, due to reduced energy use, meaning that you will also save money through greener purchases.

Similarly, the utensils of the house can also be green. For instance, by investing in higher quality cookware you will have to replace it less often, creating less waste. Try and get stainless steel or cast iron if you can.

Of course, it is not just what you buy, but also how you get rid of old appliances that is important. Make sure that you recycle old appliances when you can, or sell/donate them it if they’re still usable. If you just want to get rid of it quickly, then consider using a website such as



Talking of freecycle, another great way to introduce environmentally friendly aspects to your kitchen is through reusing and repurposing old items you would otherwise throw away. Whether it’s turning old jam jars into utensil holders, or refurbishing a vintage-looking table you find at a car boot sale, upcycling is not only fun and great for the environment, but also saves you money in the process.

If you want some inspiration, there are loads of blogs and YouTube videos you can browse, as well as countless Pinterest boards, but we’d recommend starting with this website:

We hope you now have a better understanding of how to go about making your kitchen more environmentally friendly. If you need more advice, or help designing a greener kitchen, be sure to contact us today.

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