Spotlight on Open Kitchen Shelving

01 March 2019

We consistently see a variety of kitchen design trends, as designers and homeowners alike come up with creative ways to style their kitchens. Some trends are timeless, like the love of a beautiful island and functional storage. In recent years, open kitchen shelving has grown more popular, and for good reason.

There are many benefits to having open kitchen shelving in your kitchen, from both an aesthetic and functional perspective. From giving you the perfect place to display beautiful dishes and glassware to helping you keep your kitchen organised, there are many reasons to consider incorporating open kitchen shelving in your new kitchen design. We highlight just a few of the benefits here.

Opens Up Spaces

Large closed off cabinets can take up a lot of space in a kitchen, and can often make a space feel closed in. This is particularly true in smaller kitchens, where it can be tricky to strike the balance between having enough storage and not making the room feel too small. Open kitchen shelving is a natural solution for this.

Opting for open shelving not only eliminates the bulk of a closed off cabinet, but it also allows light to flow more naturally through a space which goes a long way in making any room feel bigger. But you’re not limited to only having open kitchen shelving in a small kitchen, as it an be equally as useful for extra storage in a large kitchen, too. You can choose open kitchen shelving as an additional shelving area for extra storage, even if you do have traditional cabinets in your kitchen.

Natural Display Shelf

If you’re someone who has a lot of dishes and items you’d like to display, like vases, glassware, and interesting crockery, open kitchen shelving is a natural choice. The lack of cabinet doors which would hide away your beautiful belongings is no longer an issue, meaning you’re free to have them on display where you can appreciate them on a daily basis.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should feel like you can only store more decorative items on your open kitchen shelving. While this style of shelving might be aesthetic, it’s equally as functional. You can store all your everyday dishes and crockery on your open kitchen shelving, too. And since you’ll be using these items most days, you won’t need to worry about dust or grime building up on your dishes because they won’t be sitting on the shelf for long. Your more decorative items that aren’t used as often, however, will need to be dusted or cleaned regularly.

Keeps You Organised

If you’re someone who is naturally organised, open kitchen shelving won’t be an issue for you. Some people take comfort in knowing that their items can be stored haphazardly behind closed cabinet doors, but open kitchen shelving does not offer this safety. Opting for open kitchen shelving means committing to having many of your kitchen items on display, which, as we said, shouldn’t be a problem for naturally organised people.

If, however, you tend to struggle with keeping your kitchen organised, open kitchen shelving might actually help you with this. The knowledge that your items will always be visible can help to ensure that you stay on top of the mess and keep everything organised so that it does not appear that your kitchen is unkempt.

Saves Money

If you’re trying to find a way to save money on your new kitchen design, this is another benefit of open kitchen shelving. Cabinet doors can come with a big price tag, depending on what time of material you choose, and painting and staining them can also incur extra costs.

Open kitchen shelving is much more minimalist, meaning there are fewer elements to pay for. Without having to purchase doors and hinges, you can save yourself a fair amount of money if you’re looking for a way to cut corners on costs without compromising on quality in other areas of your kitchen, like flooring, appliances and so on. It can also save you from having to purchase cheap cabinetry which may not wear well over time.

Multiple Styles

Another benefit of open kitchen shelving is that is available in endless styles, meaning that you can find the perfect type to go with your kitchen. There are many choices when it comes to materials that can be used for open kitchen shelving, including glass, wood, metal and so on. So whether your kitchen design style is more modern, traditional or rustic, you can easily incorporate the right type of open kitchen shelving to fit in.

There are also so many different styles to choose from. Hanging shelves are great for rustic kitchens, allowing shelves of the material of your choosing to hang from the structure. Floating shelves are brilliant for a modern design, but if you’re after a more traditional style, you can opt for traditional cabinets without installing doors. This offers a more structured style but with the added benefit of the openness of open kitchen shelving.

If you’re interested in incorporating open shelving into your kitchen design, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help with your new kitchen project.


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