Here, the superb SHEER handle-less cabinet model is teamed with ‘minimal’ styling details to create a look that is extremely modern and pared back.

The SHEER cabinet model is deployed with its 22mm lowered door with an angled top and a contrasting or matching ‘rail’ set behind. Also, in the mix are the same wonderful Tomas colours, solid oak drawer boxes, and plywood carcases.

But here the similarity ends... in place of the soft and organic ‘natural’ styling details, minimalSHEER is all about angles, squares and a cubist design theme.

Where tall elements meet with base elements, the line is flush and unbroken, with no steps or end piece edge view. This feature is unique to the minimalSHEER model and is only achievable by way of the mitre and shadow gap detailing.

The minimalist theme is continued with the countertop styling. A simple square edge profile is used and the standard thickness is finely set at just 20mm. There is no overhang and the edge of the top is set flush with the door face. At the end of a run, a ‘mitre-drop detail’ is deployed, whereby the countertop is neatly mitred and dramatically dropped to the floor.

Due to the complete absence of curves, minimalSHEER can be specified with LAM-P doors. The faces are laminate and the sides are exposed and sealed plywood. The plywood is only glimpsed through the shadow gaps and is only fully viewed when a door or drawer is opened - it’s a beautiful thing!

minimalSHEER is a great alternative to the timeless Classic Modern style synonymous with the Tomas name. So, if you want to sharpen things up a little, consider the minimalSHEER model by Tomas Kitchen Living ... Minimal Cubism for the kitchen.