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SHEER is name of the handle-less 'cabinet' model designed by Tomas in 2008. It is based around a simple forty-five degree chamfer, which is seen as a visible angle on the tops of the lowered doors. The angle recurs on the undersides of drawer fronts, wall elements and (more often than not) the counter-top edge profile. The tried and tested SHEER design is lovely to live with, works very well and looks simply beautiful!

Between the top of the base element doors and the underside of the counter-top, a continuous rail is positioned. The rail can be specified in various wood and metallic finishes and is matched to the plinths (kick-board). Collectively, the plinths and rails are referred to as the ‘Trims’.

Choose colours and trims for your SHEER cabinets and then select one of the three 'STYLING DETAILS'  ... natural, minimal or deco.


The quintessential Classic Modern kitchen style that has become very much part of that TOMAS LOOK is created when fusing 'natural' styling details with the 'SHEER' cabinet model.  Timeless, tactile and beautifully functional, with a soft and organic feel.  


Modern... Yet Not Overly Modern

The Tomas Look is primarily ‘Classic Modern’. In case that sounds like a contradiction, just think modern - yet not ‘overly’ modern. This is just perfect for a ‘Living Kitchen’ where you need functionality and a relaxed, tasteful backdrop for your busy life. A special sense of timelessness is created by the clean lines, earthy colours and high quality finishes. Nothing here is ‘in’ fashion and nothing is ‘out’ either. This is undoubtedly a very sensible stand-point when it comes to a kitchen - which you probably won’t want to change like a pair of shoes. Everything is tactile, well designed and beautifully built with a reassuring permanence about it.

naturalSHEER embodies our design ethos and provides a wonderful foundation to create and style your very own Tomas kitchen.

 Time to Break The Rules 

If you’re in an older property, you don’t have to feel obliged to have a traditional style kitchen - it’s time to break the rules! Unlike many ‘modern’ kitchens, a classic modern Tomas kitchen will look perfect in a period property. Maybe it’s the integrity of the materials or the understated semi-matt finish of the Abstract Five Colours. Perhaps it’s the quality feel the cabinets seem to exude or even the subtle accents of oak. Most likely, it’s the combined effect of all the features and elements, as they are brought together. naturalSHEER (and virtually all of our models) work superbly well in properties of all ages and architectural styles. 

The Art of Juxtaposition

Consider your house and its fixtures (doors, windows, stairs, skirtings architraves and floors) as one entity. Now draw an imaginary line and then add items that contrast and blend beautifully - you’ll soon get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. We know for a fact that a Tomas kitchen works very well indeed! The result will be an interesting and eclectic space that isn’t too busy or confused. There you have it, ‘The Art of Juxtaposition’

Standing Out From The Crowd

It’s no surprise that handle-less kitchens have been hugely popular with home-owners for some years now. It’s more than a trend – it’s almost the norm with modern kitchens these days. The advantages are clear; no fussy panels or frames to trap dirt, no handles to get in the way and lovely clean and simple lines. Many of our clients make a beeline for the SHEER models, but what makes a Tomas naturalSHEER kitchen stand out from the crowd?

First of all, let’s look at the design. The doors and counter-tops on SHEER kitchens have a soft 45-degree angle profile, which provides easy access and plenty of ‘purchase’ for opening. That may seem unimpressive, until you look at a J profile ‘handle-less’ door. You’ll quickly realise that this is hard to get your fingers into the rebate and you end up with a continuous dirt trap running along the length of the base elements! Then, compare it to a square topped door with a recessed rail. The design is OK, but very often the rail only goes in straight lines and the square doors are laminated with uncomfortable edges. Look again at the soft angle of SHEER. It is comfortable to use and the continuous lacquered finish negates the whole edging scenario. Furthermore, the flush rail brings the possibility of curving the whole thing and introducing the rail as a visible feature.   

In the case of naturalSHEER the rails are in oak, walnut, ash or other timbers by request. This is another key factor… one of the problems with a handle-less kitchen is that they can look a little soulless at times. The natural wood detailing of naturalSHEER stylishly overcomes this issue. Add to this, oak drawers, ply cabinets and Abstract Five Colours and you’ll really appreciate how different handle-less kitchens can be.  You’ll also see why naturalSHEER by Tomas really does stand out from the crowd!