Showroom Viewings and Meetings in the Post-Covid World

One of the things we learnt during the lockdowns is that it isn't actually necessary to keep showrooms open six or seven days a week. Having showroom viewings and meetings 'by appointment' is a better way of working and beneficial for both our company and prospective clients. From our point of view there are obvious savings in overheads and for prospective clients, the initial visit can be more informative and combined with expert design advice and detailed discussions around costs, timings and procedures. Furthermore viewings can be arranged for evenings. if required.

This new way of working is working really well, so whether it's just a quick initial look or a full liveDESIGN session, please don't hesitate to make contact to arrange a convenient time.


On random occasions, you may see a green OPEN NOW sign up in the window, this is to indicate that we happen to be at the showroom at that time and the usual appointment isn't required - please do feel free to come in for a browse!