liveDESIGN, Pricing & Ordering

Before any design work happens, we will provide a rough steer on likely costs, just to make sure we're more or less on the same page in terms of budgets. Assuming we are and that you are completely smitten with our lovely products, we will prepare an 'empty-space' drawing ahead of the liveDESIGN Session, this is usually achieved in one of two ways:

1. With extensions or new builds a PDF of the architectural drawings are emailed over and converted into our drawing software.

2. With re-fits of an existing space is measured (home survey) or room dimensions/plan is sent in to us.

Once we have the empty space drawing set up we will be ready to proceed with the liveDESIGN session. This can be either at one of our studios, your home or via ZOOM.

All kitchen designs created are by Founder and Director Tomas Hinton. His approach is to work directly with you and create your design 'live' and with your input - hence the term liveDESIGN. This super communicative method, the optimum layout for your particular space and requirements can be found relatively quickly and precisely...without too much guess-work. 

Once an initial layout has been agreed, an initial quotation is emailed out. Hopefully this will be more or less in line with expectations and we can move forward with an initial holding deposit (usually £500).

Interim Drawings are then released and more often than not a further design session is required to review the layout and discuss detailed specification.

Once a final price and spec is agreed we will raise a deposit invoice for 5% of the total (less any deposit previously paid). This will secure the price and a date (or provisional date) and full working drawings which show all dimensions, elevations and positions for electrical and plumbing services. 

When we are within 6 weeks of the delivery date the next stage payment is due – details of which are on the quotation. With build projects it is not unusual for working drawings to be required 3 or 4 months before installation - so it’s never too early to start thinking about the design.