Production & Installation

Production, Installation & Aftercare

We have our own team of installers who know the Tomas product inside out - and have been instrumental in its development. The quality of work, attention to detail and client care is of paramount importance. Our team are dedicated to delivering an exceptionally high level of service - as our client testimonials will confirm. You will be in very safe hands indeed!

There are usually three levels of installation service:

1 Dry Fit Service
2 Complete Project & Installation
3 Joint Project & Installation

Dry Fit Service
Dry fit is the term used when your own or your main contractor’s qualified electricians and plumbers are used for the project. This is usually the case with a new-build, extension or extensive refurbishment project (when other electrical work in the property is ongoing).

We will fit all the cabinetry and equipment leaving live connections to electrical appliances, sink and taps for others. The countertops are installed after the cabinets and before second fix (electrical and plumbing) by our specialist countertop partners (usually Corian or Quartz). The sink is fitted by our countertop partners and the tap, trap and waste is to be fitted by the plumber. The hob is left in place by our countertop partners, final fitting and sealing of the hob is by electrician (induction) or plumber (gas) following connection. Core Hole cutting for extractor hood ducts can be made by your main contractor at first fix stage following dimensions on your Tomas kitchen elevation. We can also provide this service at installation stage an additional cost, as required. Floors should ideally be laid prior to installation.

After the tops have been installed and second fix has taken place, our installers return to site to add any finishing touches, prior to handing over the finished kitchen. A typical dry-fit takes two to three weeks including templating and installation of work tops.

Damage on site is a problem we encounter from time to time. The best way to avoid problems is to wait until the absolute latest possible time to install the kitchen. Bringing the kitchen on site too early, doesn’t necessarily bring forward the move in date and will only increase the chance of damage. When the first stage of the installation is complete (ie pre countertops/plinths etc) either yourself or someone from you builders firm may be asked to check everything and sign an interim delivery note.

Complete Installation Service
If your kitchen project is a re-model and no building work or builders are required, you may wish to take advantage of our Complete Installation Service.

The usual procedure is as follows:

Day 1 Strip out and clear from site existing kitchen and eqt (except fridges).

Day 2 Our own electricians and plumbers alter and first fix services to suit new layout.

After this the timescale may vary depending on work required. in some cases it is necessary or desirable to bring in a skilled plasterer to make good the walls / ceiling following alterations.

Depending on the floor finish, flooring may go down at this stage.

Also depending on time scales, this is a good time to bring in the decorators.

Depending on the scale of work, the removal and subsequent preparations usually take between a week and two weeks.

Following the preparation work the cabinets and countertops are installed and our electricians and plumbers return to make connections.

As with the dry fit, our installers return to site to finalise and hand over the completed kitchen.

Whichever type of installation service

Joint Installation Service
We are flexible on the level of service we provide. For example, In some cases it suits to work in with your preferred decorators or maybe the strip out is carried out by others. We can discuss what is and what isn’t required at the Design Review.