A REASONABLE PRICE TAG... how pleasantly surprising!

Many people are pleasantly surprised, when they discover that a beautiful kitchen from Tomas comes with a ‘reasonable price tag’ - despite the high quality of materials and superb design details.

A few years ago, one of our more witty clients put it very nicely and told us we were: deceptively in-expensive!

Obviously every kitchen is different, but as a guide I can confirm that a typical Tomas kitchen, including good appliances, countertops (quartz/corian) and all the usual equipment (sink, taps, bins etc) usually comes in between 29k and 39k inc VAT. Installation and delivery is priced according to the scope of work and location.

As I’m sure you will appreciate, smaller kitchens are often less and larger ones with a lot of bespoke items are often more! So our quality is top-notch yet we have an upper-middle price point… if you don’t know us very well yet, you may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true! Well, it is true and it is possible because we are manufacturers and only retail through our own studios.

In actual fact, you are buying direct from the manufacturer with no middle-man taking a cut. We have the opportunity to offer our clients ‘Genuine Value’ (which is one of the cornerstones upon which I have founded the Tomas brand).

An Example Based on naturalSHEER display at Tomas London

A classic straight run with island including everything for a complete and functional kitchen...


Tomas Cabinets = 18,201.19
Electrical Appliances (Siemens/Falmec) = 4,573.34
Sink, Quartz Tops, Taps & Accessories = 5,854.93

Sub Total = 28,629.46
Vat @20% = 5,725.89
GRAND TOTAL = 34,355.35

I very much hope you have found this information useful and that you too are pleasantly surprised by our ‘reasonable price tag’ ! Please feel free to email or call 07780 843514 at anytime to discuss your project further and/or arrange a time to meet me at one of our three showrooms.

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